Synchronization Systems Synchronization Systems

Synchronization Systems

Dst power generator manufactures and commissions all synchronization systems by making special production according to the incoming demands, by designing them with its expert engineer staff.

Power and Locating Power and Locating

Power and Locating

With our widespread service and dealer network, our company can detect power and location all over Turkey, and you can have power and location detection done before you get a quote.

Diesel Engine Sales Diesel Engine Sales

Diesel Engine Sales

Our company is not only in its own production, but also sells diesel engine groups to other manufacturers producing generators in line with their demands.

Generator Rental Generator Rental

Generator Rental

Our company offers monthly, 3-month, 6-month, annual generator rental services depending on the condition of the generator groups in its stocks.

Second Hand Generators Second Hand Generators

Second Hand Generators

If you want to have a second-hand generator with the assurance and guarantee of DST Power Generator, or a less-used generator, please contact us.

Generator Service Generator Service

Generator Service

Our company, which provides a factory guarantee of 2 years or 1000 hours in generator groups, also provides a 10-year spare parts guarantee for spare parts.

Generator Spare Parts Generator Spare Parts

Generator Spare Parts

Our company offers 10 years spare parts guarantee for generators with Dst Power Generator logo.

Alternators Alternators


The high quality, 100% copper coiled double bed alternators we use, certified with TSE standards, are always ready for sale in our stocks, both for companies producing diesel generators and for some companies producing tribune electricity.

Searchlight Towers Searchlight Towers

Searchlight Towers

Floodlight towers are suitable for a wide range of applications, from lighting construction sites and temporary parking areas to outdoor concerts.

Trailer Mobile Generators Trailer Mobile Generators

Trailer Mobile Generators

By making special productions of our company, considering the land and nature conditions, diesel generators with towed trailers are manufactured in accordance with all highway warnings and signs.

Periodic Maintenance Periodic Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance

Every heavy-duty diesel generators will not lose efficiency and will serve you for many years with periodic maintenance on a monthly basis.