What are the Generator Types?

Generators are divided according to the working principle; They are diesel generator, gasoline generator, bio-diesel generator, natural gas and hydrogen generators.


How Does the Generator Work?

Devices that convert the energy of motion (kinetic energy) into electrical energy are called generators. Generators, like electric motors, work according to the principle of electromagnetic force.


How many kW generator does the electricity need of 1 house?

The generator needed for a house under normal conditions should be at least 4 kva.

What is a Diesel Generator?

Our wide range of products comes with different power capacities and features so we can offer our customers a variety of choices.

Türkiye Diesel Generator

DST Power offers customized solutions for customer needs and designs and integrates generator systems in accordance with the requirements of the projects.

Most Used Generator Engine Brands

DST Power is a brand specializing in the production of generators. Generators are known for their reliability, high performance and suitability for various application areas.

Perkins Engine Generators

Perkins engines are designed to provide high performance. With its high power generation capacity, it has been adapted to various application areas.

Istanbul Generator Rental

We offer a variety of generator models with different power capacities and features. In this way, our customers can choose a generator that suits their needs.

Choosing a Diesel Generator: The Right Power Generator for Your Needs

Diesel generators play a vital role where energy requirements must be continuous and uninterrupted.

55 kVA Diesel Generators

Efficiency, durability and reliability are the most important criteria, especially when choosing a generator with a capacity of 55 kVA.

110 kVA Diesel Generators

A generator of this capacity plays a vital role in many areas, from industrial enterprises to large-scale construction projects.

Shining Star of the Generator Industry: DST Power Generator

We are known as the address of quality and assurance at every level of the generator industry.

Working Principle of Diesel Generators: The Secret of Conversion from Mechanical to Electricity

Diesel generators essentially consist of a combination of a diesel engine and an electric generator (usually an alternator).

Advantages of Diesel Generators: Why Choose Diesel?

Power outages are unacceptable, especially when it comes to critical business operations or essential services.

What are the Main Parts of a Generator?

Generators are indispensable in situations where there is no access to the main electricity grid or there are outages.

150 kVA Diesel Generators

150 kVA diesel generators are a preferred power source in many areas, from industrial operations to large residences, from agricultural areas to construction sites.

200 kVA Diesel Generators

200 kVA diesel generators are a preferred power source in many sectors where energy needs are critical.

10 kVA Diesel Generators

10 kVA diesel generators are both an economical and effective option to meet energy needs.

112 kVA Diesel Generators

112 kVA diesel generators offer powerful and efficient solutions designed for medium-sized energy needs.

50 kVA Diesel Generators

50 kVA diesel generators are a medium-sized, powerful and economical option to meet your energy needs.